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CEL shipping fresh produce throughout PNG

CEL shipping fresh produce throughout PNG


Fresh Produce is becoming more and more a trade commodity in PNG. On any given day you can have over 200 bags of mixed vegetables bags including cabbages, kaukau (sweet potatoes), onions and the likes lined up along the entrance of the LCL Deport in Lae waiting to be packed into containers.

Most of the fresh produce are mainly brought down by subsistence farmers and just talking to some of one them relieved an interesting tail of subsistence commercial farming. Some of them bring their produce all the way from Mt Hagen and may at times act as middle men for someone (most times a relative) in Port Moresby, where most of the produce is shipped to.

They say they make very good money from this as fresh produce is scarce in Port Moresby so they can sell at high prices and increase their profit.