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The successful auction was held in Lae on Wed 08/03 & Thur 09/03 in Pom

Lae will be sponsoring 9 schools while Pom will be sponsoring 4 schools.

Picture Below: POM Team











The schools in Lae are:

  1. Bumayong Secondary School
  2. Busama Primary School
  3. Busu Lutheran Elementary
  4. FODE Immanuel at Hunter
  5. Jaro Elementary – CIS Buimo
  6. Martin Luther Seminary Elementary
  7. St Philip’s Elementary at Tent City
  8. Taraka Primary School at Tent City
  9. Unitech Elementary, inside Unitech campus.
Picture Below: Auction at Lae Yacht Club











While the schools in Pom are:

  1. Pari Primary school
  2. St Paul’s Primary school
  3. Tatana Primary school &
  4. Zion Zeal Christian Elementary school.

A total of 1,300 shirts for Lae and Pom.

Last year we sponsored only 4 schools with the same quantity of shirts, this year we have increased to sponsor 9 schools in Lae and this is really good as we will be reaching a much wider community.

Shirts are not yet ready, most probably in April for screen printing.