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A bright future ahead – Cadets begin their seafaring careers at Consort Express Lines

07 Feb 2022

A bright future ahead – Cadets begin their seafaring careers at Consort Express Lines

Welcome on board! Consort Express Lines (Consort) is pleased to welcome four newly recruited cadets onto the Bougainville Coast and Niugini Coast – two of Consort’s largest liner shipping vessels. The two engine and two deck cadets begin their seafaring careers with Consort after passing a rigorous selection process to join the 2022 Cadetship Program.

“We’re pleased to welcome a new generation of Papua New Guinean seafarers who will bring new ideas and standards onto our marine fleet… Cadets form a fundamental part of Consort’s dynamic training program and will also lead to a greater selection pool of certified Officers within the maritime community, ultimately benefiting Papua New Guinea’s maritime industry” says Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, Consort’s Marine Manager.

Deck Cadet Watson Pelly says he’s “always dreamt of being a seafarer” and that the cadetship program is a stepping-stone to one day achieving his dream of captaining a Consort vessel.

Each cadet is required to complete twelve months of sea-time experience on the vessels, during which they will be trained under the guidance of Senior Officers and gain fundamental knowledge needed to become a Deck or Engine Officer. By the end of the program, the cadets will have a comprehensive understanding of day-to-day operations on a vessel, as well as the necessary insights required to complete their final year of college studies.

Mr. Fitzgerald added: “Our cadets are not just thought to be an extra pair of boots on the vessels but are of immense value to the crew, they are treated as trainees who are given all the right tools required to further their careers.”

“In addition to on-board training, they will also receive support from shore-side personnel who will mentor each cadet on a monthly basis and guide them through the program, ensuring they meet assignment deadlines and complete their record books appropriately”

The cadets join a proudly all Papua New Guinean crew with a multitude of experience navigating the country’s river and ocean waters.

As Papua New Guinea’s leading coastal shipping provider, Consort continues to invest in long-term local talent, strong supporting infrastructure, and technology – providing a safer, more efficient service delivery for customers and stakeholders. Consort is a member of a larger intermodal logistics group solely owned by Steamships Limited.


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